The Headstart Group; Established in 1996 has since built its niche into the ship recycling and trading marketplace. Developing our roots from the delivered, back to back contracted, “secured” cash buying in the traditional sense, we have sincegrown steadily evolving from a “cash buyer” to a group of companies that now participate in all different types of shipping transactions. Specializing in delivered basis, and as-is-where-is transactions. We are experienced with but not limited to; Marine vessel operations, cargo and freight management, re-animating laid up vessels, and managing projects for present and future trade. We provide our clients the with timely, reliable, professional and honest service that they have come to expect of our brand. In an industry governed by an active market, our ideals of practice in fair play and promise-to-deliver attitude serve as the cornerstone for the Headstart group experience.

Based solely on market reputation, service, professionalism and above all else moral corporate citizenship, we have gained the confidence of our sellers and clients. Over time, the Headstart Group emerged as the indiscriminate preferred choice of many owners, brokers, managers alike. The Headstart trade structure functions utilizing nominee buying companies or ‘SPV’ which fall under the Headstart Banner; and enjoy the reputation and reliability associated with our brand. A list of these companies can be furnished upon request.

The Headstart Group serves to meet the needs of the ship recycling industry globally. Through our bidirectionally communicative network comprised of our local agents and satellite offices; we primarily focus on providing sellers with support along every stage of every transaction. Working with our own in house agents, crediblebreaking yards, and reputed end buyers, we ensure smooth and controlled transactions from inception to delivery.

With our head offices based in New York, and satellite offices spanning Europe and the mid-east, we feel that our strong network of business partners and affiliates world-wide provides us our edgewith active logistic infrastructure and real-time informationfor seamless performance in a dynamic trading marketplace. Real-time information is the key to sound and timely business decisions and we try to remain with the pulse of the markets positioning ourselves to take advantage of any developing trends or movements. This in a nut shell is the Headstart modus, we don’t use a crystal ball to guess the future, or speculate whilst deal making, who wants their asset’ future reliant on a crystal ball methodology anyway? Our committed to deliver and deliver as committed attitude is not a company mission statement, it is the Headstart Motto.